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My Approach

I love my job because of the people I meet. Each client has their own story and often feels unheard, unseen, or misunderstood.  Clients recognize that they are unhappy and often know what is making them unhappy, but they don't know how to find the motivation for change. Many people in these situations are feeling depressed, anxious, and may be involved with self-defeating behaviors. Together, we examine these issues with non-judgemental dialogue. 

There is no standard recipe to help a person. Individualized sessions are based on each client's unique concerns and personal goals for therapy. My clients are active participants in their treatment.  I work with each client to find their strengths and to examine their weaknesses and struggles through traditional talk therapy and mind-body therapeutic techniques. We collaboratively develop strategies to unlock potential. With couples and families, I work with each member to responsibly communicate their thoughts and interact with each other. 

Therapy is a unique relationship in which trust, safety, challenge and competence are the cornerstones of what makes it effective.

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